In BENI-IBEX we offer all the types of hunting that exist in Spain. Apart from the Spanish Ibex Grand Slam we organize hunts for all the available species throuout the country.


The most desirable of all the Spanish big game is without a doubt the Spanish Ibex. We give you the possibility to hunt all four of them in the best hunting zones in each area. You can find more information on each type of Ibex in the Ibex section in the main menu.

Beni-Ibex organizes hunts for two types of Chamois- the Pyrenean and the Cantabrian. Both types resembles a lot but very slightly in size. The season of the Cantabrian Chamois is from September to October, and for the Pyrenean Chamois from April to May and later from November to December.


Barbary Sheep can be hunt in Spain both in open areas and in fenced zones. In Beni-Ibex we guarantee you will only hunt in open areas in the Alicante privince. It´s a difficult animal to stalk a, but it´s definitely worth an effort.


Roe deers can be found in wooden areas all over the Spanish territory, but Beni-Ibex invites you to the Burgos province, just 2 hours from Madrid where every year we achieve many spectacular trophies. The best time is the month of April, and later the rutting time in July-August.


Monteria is a typical Spanish hunting system for big game. It is organized in big forest areas and always in company with groups of special trained hounds called “rehalas”. Among possible trophies are fallow deer, red deer, mouflon sheep, wild boar and red deer females. Hunters are usually set approximately 300 meters apart in strategic spots. The hounds are let loose to frighten the game to where the hunters are located. Many times hunters are surprised by a big heard of wild boars running towards them chased by all the dogs. The average shot is 50-200 meters on moving game.