About us

Quienes somosOur company, Beni-Ibex was born over 17 years ago in the heart of Beceite. Due to our exceptional location, we are specialized in the hunting of Spanish Ibex, and since our foundation, we have completed over 1.000 successful huntings of this species.

We´re not an agency that just buys a product from a local provider, we have our own hunting concessions and areas, so the client can be sure we offer him the best price.

Although we are specialized in Beceite Ibex, we also have a huge experience in hunting in other Ibex areas like Gredos, Sierra Nevada and Ronda. Which Ibex are you after this time? Or why not trying to hunt all 4 of them in our special Ibex Grand Slam Tour?

Whichever destiny you choose, we guarantee you will be attendant by our experienced and qualified team that will do everything to make your stay in Spain an unforgettable experience.

Do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page, or write us on info@beni-ibex.com

See you in Spain!!

Cristian Abella