Africa is the dream destination of all the hunters. For many, it´s the first hunting destiny outside their home country. Africa is big, is divers, is amazing. It´s a perfect hunting destination for both bigginers as well as for expert hunters.

Beni-Ibex offers two magnificent hunting destinations: South Africa and Namibia.

South Africa is a major hunting destination in Africa. Whether you are hunting for a big game or for the divers plains game, you will surelly have a trip of a life time. The combination of climate, habitat, diversity of species and the unparalleled hospitality of the people of the “Rainbow Nation” will makes this the trip an impossible to forget expirance. We hunt in the Limpopo province close to the Kruger Park, where we can offer you personalised packages occording to your needs.

Namibia takes its name from the Namib Desert in the west part of the country, an extensive inland plateau and stunning geological mountain ranges. It is the oldest dessert in the world, dating back to 80 million years.  From the lush, northern Caprivi Strip and the wildlife of Etosha National Park to the vast and unforgettable Namib Desert and the desolate Skeleton Coast; the destination has something to offer to everyone.