Gredos Ibex

Only 2 hours drive from Madrid we find the Sierra de Gredos. This beautiful mountain range with peaks reaching up to 2600m offers a variety of terrains, ecosystems and climates with a wealth of wildlife and nature, some of it unique to this area.  In gredos we find the biggest population of Spanish Ibex.Machos gredos

The Gredos Ibex is slightly higher in weight than their brothers from Beceite, Ronda and Sierra Nevada. It has an average height at the withers between 60 and 80 cm. It is also the darkest of all four types. Typically, the horns are lyre-shaped with a pronounced curve and a spiral turn of more than 180 degrees. Horn thickness decreases progressively from the base to the very thin tip.

In Gredos it is very typical, especially in spring, to see herds of 60 to 80 animals. In autumn and winter the males usually go alone and can travel great distances in search of females.

Gredos Ibex hunting is the most difficult of all four ibex in Spain. In winter the cold, snow, wind, high altitudes and rocky terrain makes it a challenge. But it´s definitely worth it, as a magnificent trophy will compensate all your efforts.

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