Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada Ibex, called also South-Western Ibex is hunted in the mountains of Sierra Nevada National Park, in the south of Spain, between the cities of Granada and Almeria.

This Ibex is smaller in size than its northern cousins. Generally is characterized by a huge diversity of horn types not only in the same region but also of animals from the same herd. Some of the trophies may have slightly rounded shape and have a nickname of “Mouflon type”.

During summer and autumn the Ibex climb high the mountains of Sierra Nevada in search of food, and can be spotted over 2.400 meters above sea level. In winter when the snow covers the peaks they can go down almost to the sea level.

The hunting season is from October till the end of May, and the rut time is November-December. Just like other types of Ibex, this one is also hunted by stalking. Depending on your physical conditions, you may want to come in winter (more difficult) or spring (less exhausting) in order to fully enjoy your hunting in Spain experience.