Beni-Ibex offers you since 2001 the best hunting destinations all over Europe. This year first clients went to Poland and came back woth over 60 trophies of roe bucks. Since then, huntings in Europe are a important part of our activity. Today we offer you the best hunts all over the old continent: Poland, Hungary, Bulgary, Sebia, Romania and Turquey.

Polonia stands out for the quantity and quality of roe deers. It´s definitely the most favorite destination of Spanish hunters, as just in 3 or 4 days you can achieve 12-15 roe bucks. We guarantee you the best hunting zones for all the sizes of the trophies, toghether with very good accomodations. Poland is without a doubt the best european destination for roe bucks. The hunting season runs from May to August.

Hungary is a good option for those  who want to combine different trophies in just one journey. Here you will find not only roe bucks, but also some exeptional quality of the trophies of deers and fallow-deers. It´s worth mentioning that this country has one of the biggest population of fallow-deer in the world. The best time for fallow deer is October, the rutting time.

Serbia is the land of beautiful, virgin landscapes and good quality of roe bucks. It´s main attraction is however the land of the red deer. Here you will find the trophies of a weight up to 15 kilos. In the Voivodina region the red deer can be hunt in various ways- stalking, luring, ambush and with a hors driven carriage. Hunting season: August to January.

Romania  has an unquestionable king of its forrests, the largest carnivore of Europe – the brown bear. The population of aproximately 5.000 bears is widespread all over the Carpathian mountains and other hunting areas. Only in Romania this animal can weight up to 400 kilos. There are three hunting methods available: stalikng, baiting and with beaters. The fur and the skull are the trophies. The Brown Bear hunting season is from March to May and from September to December.

Turkey is a enormous country located in two continents- Europe and Asia.  Owing to this geographical location, really outstandind wild boars trophies can be achieve here. The best hunting method is stalking over driven hunt in the time of full moon. In summer the hunters can combine the hunting the holidays activities on the seaside.