Andalucia is today the district with the biggest number of Ibex, although they differ considerably from their north cousins.

The Ronda Ibex is found in the mountains of Malaga province, close to the city Ronda. It is, without a doubt, the smallest of all four Ibex. Due to the climate (much milder winters than in other parts of the country), the Ronda Ibex can be characterized by the lack of black spots on its coat and shorter fur. The horns are shorter, very rarely reaching 90cm and its thickness is constant for the half of its length, decreasing gradually to the broomed tips. The most wanted trophies of this type of Ibex are the ones with the horns in V shape, resembling those of Alpine Ibex.

The hunting season runs from November till the end of April; the best time is rut in the months of November and December.