Officially, The CIC recognizes only two subspecies of Ibex in Spain. Nevertheless,  it is commonly accepted to devide the Spanish Ibex into four groups, depending on their location: Gredos Ibex, Beceite Ibex, Ronda Ibex, Sierra Nevada Ibex. Each of them is slightly different.

The Tortosa -Beceite Ibex gets its name from the region in eastern Spain. It´s second largest of all four and can weight up to 110kg. In winter the male fur is almost black and in the summer it´s light brown in colour. What mainly distinguishes this type of Ibex are its horns that expands to the sides like an airplane wings. The males can live up to 15-16 years.

Like many other animals, The Spanish Ibex lives in separate herds. Adult males always go in separate groups, and males together with young males in a different ones. Only during the rut season the males approach the females. Unlike the Gredos Ibex, the Beceite type can be easily spotted in spring close to almond bushes.

Our hunting zones in Beceite are located only 30 minutes from the Mediterranean coast. Thanks to this privileged location our clients can enjoy both the hunting and the magnificent holidays by the sea.

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