Memories of the European hunting fairs

Each year during the month of February take place two important hunting fairs.

The first one to kick off is always the fair celebrated in the city of Dortmund in Germany. It is definitely the biggest hunting fair in Europe. And it´s really spectacular! It lasts 6 days (yes, 6 days, no mistake) and every day all 7 halls get crowded with visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. It´s worth seeing it! The extension of the fair is so big, that it´s no exageration to say you need almost an entire day to see it all. Dortmund fair is big, but since we are in Germany, everything is very well organised. One hall only dedicated to hunting agencies,  one hall for guns and accessories, one hall for fisihng, one hall for clothes, one hall for dogs and animals.. Impresive! It´s a obligatory visit for professional hunters and amateurs.

The Salzburg hunting fair is smaller in size, but has this alpine vibe you won´t find in any other place. You will hardly forget the view of the halls fulled with thousands of visitors all dressed with the traditional clothes from the Alps. Here you will feel the hunting is not only a way to spend you free time, it´s a way o living. Different exhibition halls, always crowded with people. All the important agencies and companies are here. And if you combine it with the breath taking views of the Alps you get a perfect weekend. Can you ask for more?


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